Being able to hack into other people’s computers takes a lot of skill and practice and the most successful hackers won’t leave a trace behind them. Sometimes it really doesn’t go quite as planned and some people might get caught trying to access secure files. Then there are those criminals out there that just seem to make the USA’s cyber security look like a complete joke. Some people who get away with it can’t help but to brag about it just enough to have them locked up in the slammer! From not learning your lesson the first time about hacking too much, to posting a video of yourself installing malware, here are the biggest hacking fails of all time.

5. Miss Teen USA Hacker
Imagine you’re just hanging out online and before you know it, someone is sending you naked photos of yourself telling you to pay up or else! That’s basically what happened to miss teen USA back in 2014. A guy who went to her school, Jared Abrahams was hacking webcams of anywhere from 150-200 people. People expected it to be some creepy old guy but Jared was about her age and in full creep mode. Jared knew what he was doing was wrong and if he didn’t start asking for money he might not have not gotten caught. He got 18 months for his 2 year hacking operation, terrorizing women and probably won’t be getting a date from Miss Teen USA anytime soon.

4.Kevin Mitnick
He originally started off as an American Computer security consultant but it’s possible his greed got the best of him. At the young age though he was able to find ways to take the LA bus for free after finding punch cards in the trash. At the age of only 16 he was able to already bypass flaws in people's computer systems and gain unauthorized access and he wasn’t even charged for the crime until 9 years later in 1988. He did his first year in prison for that one but it wouldn’t be the end of his criminal hacking career. Almost immediately after his release, he got right back to hacking and targeted Pacific Bell’s voicemail computers. He basically just caused all kinds of havoc, read through people’s private emails, stole passwords, altered networks. The controversy however comes from his arrest and conviction. Kevin was discovered with 100 cloned cell phone codes and a fake id. He certainly broke the law but people were opposed to him spending 8 months in solitary confinement and served 5 and half years in prison.

3.Ghost Exodus
A man by the name of Jesse William McGraw was working at the North Central Medical Plaza in the city of Dallas when this hacking fail occured. While he was bored working the night shift, he decided to make some video of himself pretending to be a spy and breaking into the building on a covert mission. Although the video was supposed to be a joke, he filmed himself installing malware known as Botnet software on the medical plaza’s computer. You would typically expect hackers to be among some of the smarter criminals out there but they still make dumb mistakes like the rest of them! Jesse proceeded to make another video where he posed as an FBI agent and wore a badge which seemed to catch the attention of the FBI. The real feds finally found him in 2010 with the videos and was prosecuted. He was sentenced to 110 months in prison and was ordered to pay restitution to the medical plaza where he worked.

2.Michael Buen
Sometimes big fails can lead to success so keep you head up! Our next desperate hacker was seriously looking for a job and created a word macro virus which would actually print copies of his resume at infected offices. If someone opened up a word file on fridays at the end of the month, it would lead to a virus that had the ability of interrupting print jobs and to those printers running copies of Buen’s resume. On the resume, it stated that “if I don't get a stable job by the end of the month, I will release a 3rd virus will remove all folders in the primary disk”. Threatening a potential employer for a job doesn’t always work too well but some how he managed to even get a better job because of this. At the time of the hacking, there were no laws in the philippines that made it a crime. Buen was eventually offered a job for a US based security company.



Genghis Khan’s ghan’s mother once said “one arrow alone can be easily broken but many arrows are nearly indestructible. And this man was capable of storming a great wall Vast numbers of people unite, they will have an advantage if all are willing to risk their lives and to participate in the upcoming storm. Right now, there’s a facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us. The event is set to occur on September 20, but you might wanna get there early because parking is gonna be tough with over ________ planning on showing up..They’re meeting up at the area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction to formulate their plan. If The Men in black hadn’t kept the public in the shadows about aliens existing for so long, it wouldn’t have to come to this. Everyone grab your running shoes and tin foil hats and let’s find them aliens! From Naruto Run faster than bullets, here are Best Ways to Storm Area 51

5.Wear A Ghillie suit
Sometimes your best defense can be camouflage and animals may take 1000’s of years of evolving to have the ability to blend into their environment. You can do it in a matter of 24 hours with amazon prime’s next day shipping. Outdoor ghillie suits are available online in various colors and camouflages to help you adapt to your habitat and hopeful keep you safe from the camo dudes or even other security guards. With over 444 customer reviews, getting a 4.5 star rating, you’d have to assume that this one is getting the job done. Make sure you go with the desert camouflage or even something dark to blend in with the night. It’s made from 98 percent polyester. Hopefully your smell won’t give you away! With the right camouflage, the camo dudes might think your a bush or a rock which should give you an advantage compared to some of their uniforms

4.Hang glider
Nevada skies will likely be clear enough for you to look into the cosmos and decide for yourself if we’re all alone. But that might no longer be satisfying people’s curiosity any longer! If you’re a veteran hiker, than you can even take the hike up tikaboo peak, in order to get the only legal view of area 51! However, it seems like it might be possible, if you get to the top with a hang glider, you might be able to glide your way closer to the area 51 base without wasting too much energy in the process. Imagine thousands of people hangliding in the sky heading directly towards one of the most secure military bases in the world. They couldn’t shoot down every hang glider could they? Be sure to keep a parachute on just in case things don’t go as planned. If things go as planned, you should at least be able to make it to bald mountain or somewhere close by. Maybe a dirt biker would be willing to give you a ride along the way. Leave this one up to the furries since area 51 guards won’t shoot at animals.

3.Eliminate Thermal Detection
Another big problem with the raid everyone is planning is that even though it’s planned for the night time, thermal sensors will likely be able to detect you unless you do something like this! We weren’t just kidding about the aluminum foil earlier on in the video people. Metalic material might be able to help you become less detectable to thermal vision and paired with a ghillie suit over it, it should be a good outfit to go with. If you got a kevlar vest, go for it! There’s a good reason why aliens were known for wearing metallic suits. It might turn out these emergency thermal blankets will help shield your body heat from thermal detectors. . It can bring you the best of both worlds by giving you the warmth during a cold night and coolness during a hot day. They’re even used by uber eats drivers to deliver hot or cold beverages to keep them at a stable temperature. Uber eats times might be a little bit slow during this storming, so that brings me to my next one.

2.Your Equipment
If you’ve already planned on surviving the zombie apocalypse somehow, you might have a good idea of what you need to bring with you during this mission. Considering that you might have to do a decent amount of running or hiking, you definitely need a good pair shoes. You should also buy a pair of night vision goggles to help make sure you’re staying on the right path. Bring with you as many meals ready to eat or MRE’s as possible because you’re going to need a lot of energy to pull this off. Water will also be an imperative resource which is why a camel pack is a good idea which will keep you properly hydrated in the desert. Flares might come in handy to help guide the hordes of people who are trying to make their way into the base but could also give away your position. Giant spot lights or even lazer beams used by attack helicopters here should be promptly reflected with a mirror if possible. You might want to consider bringing a first aid kit but if you have belle delphines bath water that should be able to heal a naratu runner to full health in a matter of seconds..



From mysterious Hexagons in the Australian Outback to secret nuclear research stations in the negev desert, here are Strange Things in Deserts around the world.

5.Gerboise Bleue Test Site
France became the fourth nuclear powered nation after the USA, USSR and Great Britain. They were eager to test out their destruction device and decided to launch their first test in the Algerian Saharan Desert in 1960’s, with a bomb called the Gerboise bleue, near the Berber county of Reggane. We found the coordinates of the launch testing site and as we took a closer look to try to see the crater google earth, something appears to be cut and pasted of the area where it took place You can still see some of the discoloration of the sand from the original black and white photo that you see here.It you get somewhere close to the testing site by foot, you might come across a sighn like this, warning those who dare venture any further. The huge cloud of sand that was released from the atom bomb apparently spread radioactivity into neighboring countries and even into the south of France. Could the extreme heat from the blast, have created something similar to the Libyan desert glass?

4.Big Hole
Yes the person who came up with the name of this place wasn’t very creative. Also known as the Kimberley Mine this is a massive 1500 foot wide underground mine in South Africa that was created by hand despite some disputes on the claim. It’s found in the town of Kimberly which is found in the in the Karoo desert. South Africa is known for their high quality diamonds and a large majority of them were found here at this big hole. An estimated 6000 pounds of diamonds were uncovered here and the hole was dug up using only shovels and pickaxes with work from the natives. Eventually the mine was closed in 1914 due to the sheer number of lives lost and the lack of production. It goes down about 790 feet from the surface of the earth but when the workers were gone, it basically turned into a big lake. The lake itself if about 150 feet deep but who knows if it might eventually spill over eventually if it continues to rain.

3.Hexagon Desert Crop Circles
WE all know that pine gap operational base in Australia is quite secretive and mysterious but what about this place here on the northwestern tip of the continent. It almost appears as though aliens are leaving some kind of message like they do in crop circles but this time it’s in the isolated desert of the outback. There isn’t anything living near this area and rumor has it that it’s a top secret super weapon that can knock out communications inside airplanes. The geometric patterns seem to be perfectly measured out in the shape of a hexagon. You also notice some antennas sticking out from the shadows. It’s known as Base Harold Holt and the US and Australia Navy claim it’s for making communication between our warships. Others think there’s more of a sinister purpose behind it, like some type of secret radio waves weapons program.

2.Negev Nuclear Research Station
Israel is also quite ambiguous with their stance on nuclear weapons but they could have a fairly good stockpile which certainly makes the Negev Nuclear Research station a little bit mysterious. Isolated in the Negev desert, it’s found about 13 kilometers south-east of the city of Dimona. Construction of the facility began in 1958 and its operating as a heavy-water nuclear reactor was put to use sometime between 1962 to 1964. No aircraft are allowed to fly over, it’s heavily fenced off. They even shot down one of their own planes in 1967 when it flew over it. But what could this facility truly be hiding. Many believe that production of nuclear weapons began in 1966. Some claim there’s even been human experimentation that’s gone on here, which involved people drinking uranium laced beverages. That’s not all. In 2004, a man named Mardechai Vanunu stated that John F Kennedy was assassinated by mossad because he wanted to closely investigate this research station in Negev.



7.Thumbs Up- Russia, Greece Etc
Is that vodka you’re drinking over in russia pretty good and you want to give the bartender a thumbs up to show your appreciation? You better think again because in some cultures, it’s kind of like giving someone a middle finger. It basically means up yours! In other parts of the world you really don’t give a thumbs up if you like something, but if you like this video be sure to give a thumbs up and if you don’t like this video and your from russia, greece, Iran or west africa give us a thumbs too! In japan, it’s opposite and if you get really mad at someone, you give them a thumbs down as an insult.

6.Egypt Drones
Drone laws are changing each day and in places like egypt they might be illegal! The general drone laws in this country are extremely strict and there are many laws which make it next to impossible. First, you must receive permission from civil aviation authorities in egypt which isn’t easy. You can’t fly it over large crowds, can’t fly it near airports, and it must be done in areas where not a lot of people are hanging out at. If you ignore some of these rules and you get caught, you could be looking at 7 years in an egyptian prison which can’t be fun.

5.Don’t Make Fun- Ireland
A lot of people out there find it interesting to try to imitate other people’s accents in a lighthearted, joking way. But the Irish might be up for a fight if you consider doing this. You’ll likely fail at sounding even remotely irish and make a fool of yourself. Many people might not even realize that irish people don’t actually talk the same way as the lepracaun from the lucky charms commercials. With each region comes a different way of pronouncing things. For example a person from cork could have a conversation with a person from Dublin but they would often have their own slang words. Your first goal should be trying to understand the accent before actually trying to imitate it. Any irish subscribers watching this video. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this and if it makes you mad or not.

4.Jasmine Plants
A surprising ban on Jasmine took place in China in 2010 and many were quite surprised! A rebellion took place in the african country of Tunisia around the same time known as the jasmine rebellion. In response, democratic chinese citizens took to the streets and also wanted similar rights that the Tunisians were asking for. Many were arrested and it didn’t last too long before the revolt was over. Although it didn’t seem like jasmine was actually involved in any way, it was enough for China to ban the substance and to close down farms. It’s often used in various perfumes and historically, has played a role in Chinese herbal tea. Well not anymore! Many farmers were rather confused about the whole ordeal and went broke overnight!

3.The Finnish Sauna
For a population of 5 million people, there are over 3 million saunas! This is almost a way of life for the Finnish. You might find some people drinking a Koff Beer here or even enjoying a meal. Public saunas accept all genders but be sure to follow the rules! Clothing or swimsuits are not allowed and seen as a faux pas, since chlorine water from the pools on swimsuits will evaporate and irritate people's lungs. So you must go au naturelle but you can bring in a clean towel if you want. This almost like a spiritual place for Finnish and so no bad behavior! The oldest public Finnish Sauna dates back to 1906 and is located in the city of pispala.

2.Don’t Say You’re American
This one should seem pretty obvious to most experienced travellers but you definitely should be careful about who you tell you’re nationality to. Due to our past history with other countries around the world, you’re probably better off saying you’re Canadian since they don’t get involved quite as much with foreign affairs. One couple who was taking a bike ride through Tajikistan in 2018, told some guys that they were visiting from america. It definitely didn’t go well for them. The Tajikistanis pulled out there knives and began to attack. Even in places like Paris, the locals might not be so friendly when they find out where you’re from and might even try to scam you. People might often assume that you have more money since your american which will certainly increase your chances of getting mugged.



6.Mandarin Oriental New York
There many hotels in New York City that offer amazing views of the city skyline. This 5 star hotel located in manhattan on the westernmost corner of Central Park is rather pricey to put it in a nice way. The minimum room here will cost about 800 dollars a night but earns excellent reviews on many travel websites. Some reviewers claim it to be a bucket list destination if you can afford the high price tag and the 36th floor allows for panoramic views. It’s also a short walk away from many landmarks that tourists are dying to see.

5.Chateau Montvillargenne
The rothschilds don’t seem like the type of people who go on cribs, but we’re gonna be showing you anyways some of their properties. The chateau of Montvillargenne is situated north of Paris in the Hauts-de-france region. In 1911 Jeanne de Rothschild constructed the chateau here which took roughly 3 years to build. It’s just one of many palaces they family owns and we’ll get to more of their properties later on. It’s surrounded by the beautiful chantilly forest. It’s now a 4 star hotel not too far away from the Charles de gaulle airport and it’s the largest chateau hotel in Paris. Built in Norman architecture, it consists of 120 luxury hotel rooms, an elegant gourmet restaurant, saunas, steam rooms, and other amenities. One of the interesting rooms here you might want to stay at on the website is the Egyptian Prestige room, complete with egyptian decorations, pharaoh statues and various sphinxes. It costs roughly 335 euros to stay for a night.

4.Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez
This elegant ocean facing hotel, is home to some posh, upper class rooms that appeal to A-list celebrities that in town for the Cannes film festival. The chic dining and ocean side pool are enough to make anyone want to stay here forever. Opening in the late 1920’s, it’s known for it’s heart warming atmosphere and is inspired by art deco style which you often see in Miami. However the interior is modernly decorated and it seems like the ultimate place to stay to get a taste of the French Riviera. Don’t expect to live it up without a price though. It seems like the minimum price for a room here is gonna be at least 900 bucks not including whatever fees or taxes they decide to add on there. A majority of the people who stayed here gave it a 5 star review and one of the penthouse suites here will cost you 41,000 dollars a night. Inside that room, they actually have picasso paintings!

3. Viceroy Hotel, Bali
If you’re looking for somewhere else in the South Pacific to travel to besides Thailand, the Viceroy hotel located on the island of Bali, is a good way to go. This 5 star resort won’t be cheap at about 500 dollars a night but you certainly won’t be disappointed. It features a luxurious infinity pool. In the charming, isolated village of Ubud, Indonesia. Rooms include views of the tropical rainforests, comfortable beds, free wi-fi, complimentary breakfast, private pools, televisions, and more. There’s plenty of exploring to do in the vast jungles, and you can even book helicopter tours on site to get bird’s eye view. If you need to be absolutely pampered, there’s plenty of spas and masseuses, ready to cater to your every whim.

2.Palms Hotel & Casino
There are a handful of expensive, high-roller suites in the city of Las Vegas, but which one is the most expensive you might ask? The Palms hotel and casino offers some affordable rooms before tax and resort fees get tacked on but the most expensive room here is what earns it a place on our list! The Two story Sky Villa at the palms hotel and Casino or also known as the Empathy Suite is only available with a 10,000 dollar deposit and if you have to ask how much it costs per night here, you can’t afford it. Get ready to spit out your coffee when you hear this! You got to spend at least 200,000 dollars for a 2 night stay, and the only way to even get the right to stay here is if you’re a million dollar casino play. You get your own butler and what not but for that price, you might as well just buy a house in vegas!



While it’s not 100 percent certain, it seems as though scorpions are not harmed by ultraviolet radiation, in fact, it only makes them glow. It’s just UV rays they can survive, but nuclear radiation as well. With the skeleton on the outside of the body, these things are built tough too. We all know the possibilities of an apocalypse being ushered in by nuclear war. They are also known to survive a large range of different habitats and live on every continent on earth besides antarctica. Some scorpions can actually be brought back to life after being completely frozen in ice. This would allow them to survive what’s known as a nuclear winter, which is when a large amount of soot and smoke in the atmosphere usher in freezing weather. Scorpions have lived on earth more than 400 million years and have survived the apocalypse before.

4. A Tree Lobster
Never heard of a tree lobster before? That’s okay, they were believed to have been extinct for the past 80 years until one was found on this remote island between Australia and New Zealand. Due to the remoteness of the their habitat and the toughness of their exoskeleton, they appear to be good candidates for survival during the apocalypse. It’s jagged shape makes it impossible for humans to live, so that could be why it’s still alive. The giant rock island drops off at a near 90 degree angle making it possible for other creatures to live but somehow the tree lobster found a way to survive.The tree lobster is in fact a flightless insect about the size of a human hand. The scientist you see in the photo, decided to explore this area since some scientists claimed to have seen evidence like droppings, that might prove their existence. This has to make you wonder, what other animals could still be out there that we once thought were extinct.

Having any kind of shell on the exterior of your body will greatly increase your chances of surviving during the apocalypse. Shellfish like clams, mussels, oysters, shrimp, lobsters etc are extremely resilient creatures who will be around a lot longer than we will. Horseshoe crabs for example have been around for at least 450 million years and have survived 3 major extiction events throughout history. RAdioactive shellfish have been found to thrive in areas where nuclear waste has been leaked such as Runit Island. While this contaminates food supplies in humans, the shellfish seem to stay alive. In many cases, they can still survive more than 3 times the radiation that a German cockroach can. After the fukushima disaster, many were wondering if the sushi would be safe to eat and many groceries had to be checked for radiation. Should be less concerned about global warming and more concerned with nuclear waste leaking into our ocean? Let us know in the comment section

2.The Fruit Fly
Removal of flies is already difficult enough and even a nuclear apocalypse might not be enough to take them out completely. There’s really only one other insect out there that can survive as much radiation as a cockroach and that’s your typical fruit fly. In fact, in recent studies, it showed that female fruit flies might even be able to increase their lifespan by being exposed to doses of radiation. It takes about 64000 rads to kill a fruit fly which actually makes it much better than the cockroach. Since many flies are born in rotting or decaying flesh, the apocalypse should be the perfect environment for them to thrive in. The fruit flies lethal dose 64 times better than humans, making you wonder if there are some fly-headed aliens out there somewhere who are used to that exposure. In addition to that, flies also certainly have the ability to spread the zombie apocalypse some day in the future. They’ve already been known to be to spread things like typhoid fever and tsetse fly can spread the sleeping sickness in africa, which seems rather zombie like in sense.



6. las Momias de Guanajuato
During the cholera epidemic of Mexico during the late 19th century, it was very difficult to tell who was still alive and who were not due to the disease symptoms. Hoping to restrict the spread of cholera, many were buried shortly after expiring. This woman was one of the unfortunate few, who were buried alive by accident. When she was exhumed, they found her body lying face up and scratch marks on the coffin. Her last agonizing moments were left gasping for air. They could have at least buried her with a bell or something, right? There 59 of these naturally preserved mummies are on display at the Museo de Las Momias in the city of Guanajuato mexico.

5.A Handy Collection
A strange and mysterious discovery sheds light on another bizarre practice among ancient Egyptians and it could leave you with nightmares. Archaeologists digging at an ancient palace in the city of Avaris, came across a creepy discovery when they found 16 severed hands sliced from the arm. This was later proved that ancient Egyptians were paid for cutting off the right hands of enemies during battle. A hand was exchanged for gold by the pharaoh. This was believed to immobilize the enemy in the afterlife, depriving them of power for eternity. This is the early physical evidence of this practice and it dates back to over 3,600 years. Some of the hands were even found in what’s thought to be the throne room meaning the pharaohs kept them handy, you could say? Scientists are uncertain exactly where this tradition originated from.

4.Cheddar Man skull
Located in the i of Somerset England this cave contains the largest underground river system but also a mysterious and dark past. The oldest fossil found in England known as the Cheddar Man was found here, which date back to 7150 BC and it appears as though his demise was not a pretty scene. Some of the abnormalities you see on the right eye socket could have been likely caused from a --strange bone infection. What exactly caused the end of the cheddar man remains a mystery but many believe he might have been a victim of cannibalism. Other human skeletons found at this cave show evidence of the same knife marks found on animals when meat is removed and even a skull used as a cup. Not a cave you’d want to be at during the ice age! Strangely enough, the cave is now used to mature cheddar. We assume this story still won’t keep you from eating cheddar cheese.

3.The Varna Necropolis
Also known as the Varna Cemetery, this burial site in Bulgaria has been considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites ever discovered in the world's prehistory. Some of the gold found here actually dates back to 4,600 BC making it an extremely rare find. This man here was buried with some of the world’s oldest golden jewelery, showing that people from all periods of time enjoyed being a little blinged out This must have been the world’s wealthiest man about 7000 years ago. Over 300 objects were found here that were made of pure gold. Objects like axes, bracelets, scep ters and other simply remarkable objects that would be difficult to recreate for even the finest modern jewelers.

2.Panacas Skull
Throughout time people have been known to elongate their skulls as a cultural tradition. They would bind their young child's heads between two pieces of wood or with cloth. First, you have to wonder why this was done and if maybe they were trying to resemble some kind of creatures they made contact with. The idea of head binding seems rather foreign to begin with. Maybe the practice was introduced to them by aliens to humans look more like them? With theories aside, the Paracas skulls that were discovered in Peru seem to be the most baffling. They’ve found quite a few strange skulls here that seem to suggest that they were born with that type of skull. They don’t match other skulls from cranial deformation and don’t have the 3 plates of the skull but only 2. It also has a 25 % larger cranial capacity than normal skulls found at that time. The eye sockets and nose are much larger. Mitochondrial DNA evidence suggest that this skull is not 100 percent human either.




8.Drinking at Pubs
it’s technically illegal to be drunk at any place at any time if you’re not on public property. That would technically make drinking a pub to be illegal! The UK and Australia are well known for their pubs where you can order all the beer and fish and chips you can tolerate. But this doesn’t make any sense since the licensing act would make everyone found to be drunk on any licensed premises liable for a penalty of at least 200 australian dollars! It’s believed that this law was enacted during a time in the industrial revolution in order to keep people from spending all day at the bar and not in the factory making stuff. The law also exists in the UK too. But cheers mate! Some laws were just certainly made to be broken!

7.Horse to the Pub
If your horse is in need of a meal or some water, might as well head down to a bar in Australia where they’re legally allowed to bring your horse inside the bar where the bartender is legally required to feed it and give it water. The law doesn’t specifically state what the food has to be as long as the horse will eat it. This must be one of those laws that were passed a long time ago you would imagine and that appears to be the case. You’d imagine some viral photos would come out of this happening somewhere but I wasn't able to find too many. Any of our aussie subscribers know about this one? Let us know in the comment section

6.Faking Clairvoyance or Medium
Trying to find work as a psychic or one who can communicate with those who have passed on can certainly be difficult. People like John Edwards might not be allowed to have his tv show here but in any case, it still seems like a strange law. It states that if a person pretends to be a clairvoyant, spiritualist, or medium and involved in reading someone messages from beyond the grave, they can receive two years of imprisonment or even 10000 dollars in fines. This one seems to be more enforced than some of the other laws apparently with fraud often being an issue here.

5.Illegal cigarettes
TRavelling smokers will also not be pleased when they find out that one pack can cost over 20 american dollars, making it the most expensive in that category. But in any case, if you’re underage, there are no laws that prohibit a child from lighting up a cig. They’re just more concerned with kids being able to buy them. So if you buy some for a kid, is that illegal? Yes it, in the province of Victoria, it’s also illegal to smoke in a car if there’s a person inside that is under the age of 18 to avoid 2nd hand smoke. In case you were wondering, the youngest legal smoking age is in india, where a kid can buy a pack at the age of 9 if they wanted to. In California, Kansas and Maine to name a few states, you now have to be 21

4.Wedding Crashers Not Allowed
WE all remember the film the wedding crashers with owen wilson and vince vaughn but would those guys be criminals in Australia if they tried to pull off similar stunts. If you’re thinking about just showing up to someone’s wedding that you don’t know and you weren’t invited, that’s almost like trespassing in a sense and is considered an illegal offence by the province of Southern Australia. This goes for funerals as well and you should probably just avoid other people’s ceremonies in general to avoid some problems. The last thing you need is a fierce aussie getting mad at you for showing up and eating their food. You better follow this law unless you want a boomerang where the sun don’t shine!

3.Close the Barn Door!
Have you ever had a friend that bothered you because for some reason they would always forget to close the door! It bothers some people more than others but should it really be a crime! Apparently it depends on what door is not being closed. A somewhat confusing law in Australia states that a person who opens a farm gate and leaves it open or someone closes a farm gate and leaves it closed is guilty of an offence that can cost them up to $750 australian dollars. You must be a real trouble maker if you go about opening and closing farm doors just for the sake of it. WE guess it makes sense since flesh eating koala bears might be on the loose and are trying to eat people’s cattle after they sneakin through an opened farm door.

2.Freedom of speech laws
Many believe that Australia is losing its freedom of speech and many people around the world have lost their jobs for saying what’s on their mind. Just recently in 2019, Australia has censored websites like 4chan, 8chan and liveleak but thousands of sites have been removed, making it hard for freedom of speech to truly exist here. According to Reporters without Borders, Australia’s internet was considered to under surveillance more than any other western country in the world in 2009. Pretty much if you put something online here and it might hurt someone’s feelings, you could be in trouble or get your site blacklisted.



6.Mercury, Nevada
Don’t even think about trying to find a real estate agent in this city because you’re not allowed to move here. Let’s not forget that area 51 is just a short drive away.Mercury Nevada was constructed at the National Nevada Security Site during the cold war in order to house scientists and people who were testing out atomic weapons. Any cameras are strictly forbidden, and it’s best just to not take photos or they will feed you to the aliens.Facilities here include a hospital, theater, post office, and bowling alley. The mysterious buildings that house workers don’t seem to be that much better than some military style trailer parks but who knows what they’re really keeping there. The current population is unknown and it almost seems to be a city that’s stuck in 1960’s. It’s believed that the population shrank rapidly as the nuclear testing on American soil became less frequent but it could be roughly 500 people.

5.Ellesmere Island
It’s canada’s 6th largest island but nothing can survive except for a meager population of small birds, musk oxen and also one of the world’s largest hypolith populations. Nasa is also here to try to understand the microbiology here. The glacier movements on this island have created a barren rocky environment which can certainly be found on other known planets throughout the galaxy. If the conditions are right, we don’t see any reasons why hypoliths wouldn’t be able to survive on rocky planets such as mars.

4.Eismitte, Greenland
Located in Central Greenland, this was the site of an expedition that took place during 1930 and 1931. Eismitte in German means central ice and refers to the campsite that was built. The coldest temperature recorded here was -85 degrees F and the warmest only reaching 27 degrees; which is still below freezing. It never seems to get above freezing here even during summer. The record high recorded in the month of July was still only 28 degrees. There’s basically no summer here. Here in this photo you the frigid campsite that was built in 1930. A 45 foot deep pit was built which served as a living quarters for the 7 month long expedition.

3.Kolmanskop, Namibia
Africa is home to their own creepy remote, ghost towns as well. With discoveries of diamonds and other rare resources, small towns were built to keep up with supply and demand for these sought after jewels. This Ghost town was originally built to house miners of valuable gemstones that were found in this desert. German prospectors flocked to this area, hoping to strike it rich. The town began to diminish in population after world war 1. The area was also hit by a windstorm and this photo shows how sand is beginning to reclaim the territory slowly but surely. The site is popular for photographers who enjoy the way the houses look buried under sand. Although it is sorta near a small airport, if you make it out here, you’ll definitely feel like you're in a remote wasteland. Completely surrounded by desert sands. Many of the houses are surprisingly in good condition despite a whole century going by.

2.Kalgoorlie Mine
Producing 800,000 ounces of gold per year this is the largest gold mine in Australia and is commonly referred to as the Super Pit. This is located in the remote Australian outback in the western part of the country and it’s soo big it can be seen from space. The super pit almost looks like it’s actually bigger than the city next to it! They originally considered a small number of underground mines but there was just so much gold, they just built a massive pit, that will likely be on the surface of earth for eternity. In order to get all the gold out, an estimated 15 million tons of rock is moved from the mine each year. In 1989 the super pit we see today was created and eventually it was acquired by Barrick gold in 2001. The ore is crushed to remove impure particles of other minerals such as pyrite and telluride in a smelter outside of Kalgoorlie



6.Gidget the Chihuahua
Don’t you wish your dog could be the star of commercials and bring you in a boatload of cash! Probably one of the most famous dogs out there in the world would be Gidget the Chihuahua. She was born in 1994 and will forever be remembered as a legend. Taco Bell aired many popular commercials with Gidget during her career when she would say her famous line, “yo quiero Taco Bell”! The little pup became an international superstar and many toys were made in her honor! She was later replaced with a different ad campaign in 2000. She also had some different catch phrases like “drop the Chalupa” and “Viva Gorditas!”.She even appeared in the movie, Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde, as Bruiser’s mom.

5.The Rock
The Rock’s career didn’t really take off until 1996 when he became the intercontinental champion with the nickname of Rocky Maivia, a combination of both his father and grandfather’s ring name. He also got the nickname as the Blue Chipper during his early WWF days. He beat the wrestler known as Bret the Hitman hart by disqualification which would earn him this cool belt. He wasn’t well liked by the fans early on either and played more of an antagonist role.

4.Beanie Babies
At one point in time, 10 percent of all sales on Ebay were beanie babies and these 90’s fad brought in some serious cash for creator, Ty Warner. They were a collectible stuffed animal that was all the rage and many people out there were convinced that they would be worth a lot of money some day in the future. It was so serious, that taking off the tag of a beanie baby was almost an unforgivable sin. The sad thing is that even that princess diana stuffed bear is essentially worthless. There’s only one beanie baby that’s worth a decent amount of money which is the blue elephant which might sell 1.5k if you’re able to find a buyer. The craze would eventually die down enough to the point where beanie babies would never make a come back. The best selling beanie babies typically have some kind of manufacturing defect to them.

3.Super Soaker
Do you remember back in the day when it was okay to play with things that resembled firearms? You could play around in the streets with things like super soakers and not have to worry about police mistaking it for some type of automatic weapon. Supersoaker and even nerf technology seemed to be pretty advanced back in the 90’s but now that the kids have smartphones and other ways to amuse themselves, playing around on the street seems like a laughable activity. Trying to convince your kids to not play fortnite online and go outside and play with a super soaker doesn’t even seem possible anymore. A vintage super soaker can still be worth a decent amount of money in modern times, selling for as much as 500 dollars in 2016.

2.Slip n Slide
Slip and slides used to be all the rage back in the 90’s and if you didn’t have one in your backyard, you were seriously missing out on some fun. Typically you would slip and slide all day with your friends until someone got hurt and your parents took it down. Although it tended to kill the grass it was used on top of, everyone was looking forward to it being summer so they could pull out the slip and slide. Back in the time where lawsuits didn’t ruin everything for everyone an toys r us was still, slip n slides reigned supreme affordable summer activities.



6.Matsumoto Castle
This is one of Japan’s most historical castles and it could also prove to be one of the best during the zombie apocalypse if it hits this country. Not only is it surrounded by a moat it features walls and gatehouses to further its protection. The origins date back to the early 1500 when it was built by Shimadachi Sadanaga. It’s been renovated several times which should keep it in good condition as long as no fires break out since part of it is made from wood. The 2nd floor should also be equipped with japanese samurai armor and have some katanas that you can use to your advantage against zombies. The only way to get in is through a bridge which you could boobie trap or even demolish if you think it’s a good idea. There are also a decent amount of windows that should help you spot a zombie from a long distance.

Consider targeting freight trains for loot during the zombie apoclaypse and try to get your hands on just about anything.Do your best to find a way to get on cargo trains and steal commodities that can be resold on the streets to other survivors. Successful looters will have a decent amount of planning and also will use high technology like night ray vision to conduct their raids. Trains carrying anything from shoes, computers, cell phones and other highly valuable objects often run through rough parts of town. Trains over 150 cars long are often difficult to keep secure and will be targeted by thieves. Once the loot is secure, it’ll find its way on the black market for a discounted price to buyers.

4.Loot The Zombies
As you are wandering around the world of the undead, you will come across valuable commodities that will become extremely useful. Your journey will be filled with surprises and possibly hidden treasures left over from the time when people weren’t eating each others brains! Whether it’s jewelry looted from people’s fingers or even body armor worn by police, keep your eyes out for these things! The barter system will take over once the apocalypse strikes and you need to have something ready to trade! The wedding rings that were once symbols of peoples marriage, will make easy targets and you can melt those down into bullion!

3.Police Stations
We wouldn’t typically suggest you do this but it’s the apocalypse, what do you have to lose?This one might be difficult and you’re going to need a crew that knows what they're doing in order to pull this off. The police station will more than likely have powerful firearms and ammunition which will definitely come in handy. Mainly of these buildings contain alarm systems which will attract noise and therefore attracted zombies, so careful planning is needed. Have a look out who’s ready to take out anything harming your chances . Get your supplies, watch out zombie cops and get the heck out. Although firearms are loud, and ammunition will be limited, check to see if they have things like riot gear and or body armor as well.

2.Pet Store
You really might cringe at the thought of having to resort this low but some people might realize that dog food is all that’s left. It’s completely canned and full of protein which almost makes it an excellent food source during the zombie apocalypse. Whether it’s dried dog food or the wet kind, or even doggie biscuits, it might be your only choice during this dramatic scenario. Since most have already looted the large grocery stores this leaves pet stores as a backup option when you’re desperate for food. Who knows, if you put a little hot sauce on it, it might not be that bad. Plus it’s not a bad idea to bring home a new puppy who you can use as a companion during the zombie apocalypse. People will want to feed their pets in any case and there should be plenty of value in looting a pet store. Maybe you can even train a parrot to tell you when zombies are coming?




5.The Colosseum
We might not always think about it, but many of the historical landmarks have survived incredible circumstances ranging from warfare, natural disasters and just being extremely old! There’s reasons why only 1 of the 7 ancient wonders of world are left standing and we only see a fraction of the great historical landmarks that once existed on Earth The Colosseum is a perfect example. It was primarily used for gladiatorial fights and could fit an estimated 87,000 people. It was constructed in the first century AD and it’s lucky to exist. In the year 296 A D, lightning struck the wooden floor of the arena and much of the enormous amphitheatre was set ablaze by mother nature. If that didn’t already seem unlucky enough lightning struck again but didn’t catch on fire. In 455 AD, Rome was completely sacked by Barbarians from the north. It’s colossal size kept from lying in a pile of rubble but it was still relentlessly pillaged for loot. The colosseum we see today, is still only 2/3s of the original structure. .

4.Colisee Pepsi
This little stadium wasn’t quite as big as the coliseum of rome but it was certainly home to a well-liked Junior Hockey team known as the Quebec Remparts. It was originally built back in 1949 to bring Canadians of Quebec city a little bit of extra hockey. They would see some stars be born here before they would get to see playing time for the Montreal Canadiens. It would even host some international hockey games The attendance here was always jam packed to see the NHL great, Guy Lafleur, before he went pro. The colisee underwent some renovations in order to fit more people, adding about 5000 seats or so. The videotron centre opened up in 2015 right next door to the Colisee, rendering it essentially useless. There’s no date just yet for its demolition but it could be soon.

3. Metrodome Collapse
Apparently there is way too much snow in Minnesota! The huge amount of snow caused the roof of the Metrodome in Minneapolis to collapse as we can see in this video. Did the engineers not realize that minnesota gets an insane amount of snow every winter? Unlike the others in this list, there were no fatalities, just a lot of unhappy football fans, which is almost worse. It’s still a rather large engineering fail when you consider that this could have possibly happened during Snow began leaking though. Someone didn’t calculated the heavy winter storm into the blueprints. A new stadium was eventually built and they vikings played at the University field for a while. The US bank stadium is designed a little bit differently so it should be able to handle the next time that winter is coming.

2.Greer Stadium
GReer Stadium is located in Nashville, Tennessee on some historically important land where a civil war fort once stood. It was also home for some legendary MLB players before they would make it to the pros. The facility closed its doors in 2014 and eventually was demolished earlier this year in 2019. It was also one of the oldest stadiums ever used by a minor league team and was opened in 1978 for the team known as the Nashville Sounds. After time went by, the older standards didn’t quite meet the newer standards and everyone agreed that a new ballpark must replace it. During its first couple years, the park was extremely popular and an expansion quickly occured so that there could be more seats. Many renovations took place and it’s most recognizable feature was the guitar shaped scoreboard that we see here. In 2018, the park looked like an abandoned wasteland, with grass and weeds covering the infield dirt. You can still see a little bit of what’s left by checking out google maps where they still have it from their 2018 version. The next time google maps updates this region, it’ll be gone!