Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen, because I’m about to take you on a wild ride through Most Mysterious Things Found Frozen in Ice.

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4. All the Jewels!
In 2013, a young mountaineer climbing Mont Blanc in the Alps stumbled upon quite the thing as he was climbing. He first saw a bag, a bag the had “Made in India” printed on it, and upon further looking, he saw more bags. Lots of them. When he opened them up, he found… rubies, emeralds, and diamonds! He, being the kind young guy he is, handed the precious stones over to French police. Reportedly, the treasures were said to belong to a family who perished in an air crash in the Alps in 1966. Some 117 people lost their lives in the accident. The flight had been traveling from Bombay to London, and the crash was thought to be the result of a misunderstood instruction from a radar controller to the pilot in which the pilot thought he was past the mountain and began to descend too early, finding himself, and the plane, on a direct course for the mountains side. Can you imagine if the young mountaineer had decided to keep the treasures for himself? He could be living the life right now!

3. Wreckage from the Past
An Alaska-bound military transport aircraft was nearing its destination when something went wrong, it crashed, and everyone on board, well, you know. That was way back in 1952, and it took until 2012 for the site of the crash to be searched and the bodies to be recovered. Why you may ask? Well, in the days and weeks following the accident, heavy snowfall set in in the area and the search had to be postponed. A helicopter passing over the area sixty years later spotted some of the wreckage just poking up out of a crack in a glacier, and the rest is history. The search did gain some understandable hype and publicity in 2013 when it was found that the wreckage had actually moved some 22 kilometers from the sight of the actual crash back in 1952 due to global warming! Some of the bodies from the crash are said to have sunk to the bottom of Lake George, which is close-by, and are just waiting to be swooped. Creepy creepy. And who here still thinks global warming isn’t a thing?

2. Siberian Sicknesses
I know I already mentioned disease and viruses being trapped within the ice itself earlier on in this video, here’s another way those diseases are incubated, just ready to be unleashed when thawed out. Sometimes human remains are found buried in the ice that were put there for a reason, and now people are digging them up and releasing some genuinely unnerving things: diseases. Ancient, and maybe even more recent, Siberians would bury these bodies deep, and they’d be frozen over, and the ice would help keep the disease from spreading… but now that we’re digging those bodies up, the diseases are resurfacing and making a comeback, something that doesn’t sound very good to me. Smallpox was present in a body that was found frozen in a river in the country not long ago, but luckily for us the researchers that discovered it were smart and quarantined it at a hospital and took proper precautions to keep the disease from spreading to the masses. Soooo that’s something mysterious and kinda creepy that’s been found buried in ice… disease. Who woulda thought?

1. A Big Ol’, Itty-Bitty, Woolly Baby Rhinoceros
So, first of all, I didn’t even know that Woolly Rhinos were even a thing, but apparently they are, and apparently we’ve found some, dead of course, but still. Sasha, the world’s first and only baby woolly rhino to be discovered was discovered back in 2015. Her body was preserved in permafrost, as you can see here, which kept her really, really intact. She was found on the bank of a stream and has been called a truly historic discovery. Scientists estimate that Sasha perished at around 18-months-old and her wool, an ear, an eye, nostrils, and mouth are all very well-preserved given the age of the specimen, as you can see in this picture here. How old is she, you may ask? Well, it’s believed that she was walking the Earth at least 10,000 years ago, so yes, the find is exceptional. I can’t imagine finding something that old, or that well-preserved in the ice; it’d be like having your own unique looking-glass into the past, and something like that is truly invaluable.

From staying up late at night to the size of your forehead, here are things that prove you’re actually a genius !

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5. Being Open Minded
You geniuses got to where they are by thinking inside the box? No. They don’t feel closed off to just one theory and are willing to accept other people's viewpoints as a possibility. Nothing is completely wrong unless proven elsewise. Someone who is closed minded may not feel as though new information is worth learning and won’t take the time because it doesn’t support their original beliefs. If you want to be a genius, you have to accept the fact that there is a lot that you don’t know and be will to hear what others have to say. If others have put a lot of time and energy researching a certain viewpoint or theory, geniuses are ready to critique or point out flaws in what people are saying instead of putting in earplugs and running away from them. This person would constantly be curious of finding out new information and care more about the truth than their personal beliefs.

4. Curiosity Gets The Best of You
Do you ever remember asking a ton of questions when you were younger about the most random subjects. And now you’ve felt like you literally the urge to know it all and always find yourself searching google questions constantly, this would tend to meet the profile of a genius Einstein once quoted that he has no special talents and he’s actually just passionately curious which fuels his drive for knowledge. If you’re not fascinated with learning new things on a daily basis than you might not be genius. People such as Nikola tesla were always curious about creating forms of energy that could be utilised cleanly and freely. Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated by several different subjects, including anatomy, architecture, painting, sculpting, geology, astronomy and the list goes on. If you’re a genius, you’re normally talented in many subjects because of your will to learn.

3. If You’re Funny
It takes a little bit of brain power to be funny and having witty jokes could be a sign of higher intelligence. Stand up comedians secretly possess higher IQ at around 138 for males and 126 for females. This is only slightly below the genius scores and they’d be accepted into mensa. Comedy is also an artform and making references, including punchlines and coming up with stories that people find to be humorous is a skill that comes easier to some and those people might be low key genius. Studies have also been done at the university of vienna which show that people who have a dark sense of humor were typically better educated and showed signs of strong mental health. They also had a positive outlook on life as opposed to people who were offended by every little remark that wasn’t 100% politically correct.

2. If you Drink a Lot of Water
If you’re not naturally born a genius, there are some ways to improve your diet which can improve your brain function. According to the frontiers in Human neuroscience journal, your brain needs plenty of water in order to run properly, probably more than you’d believe. Evidence suggests that dehydration negatively affects cognitive performance. Even just a 1% body weight loss of water weight can result in slower reaction times, and performance in memory related tasks. Things such as omega fatty acids can improve your memory. Other brain functions such as alertness and concentration get worse as your mind doesn’t receive a quality water supply. Ingesting anywhere from 8 to 10 cups of water per day can seriously improve cognitive performance by as much as 30%. So consider that next time you got a big test coming up

1.Talking to Yourself
Are you talking to yourself because your brain just simply has too powerful of a voice to not be heard? You may either be completely mad, completely genius or both! There’s no need to be too worried that your not a genius with this one. Psychologists have concluded that people do who talk to themselves are usually in a better mood, have better memories and can focus better on various projects. Some people just want to hear themselves talk because it’s better than complete silence or if they come up with a genius idea, they have to find a way to put it in words. Negative self talk can have the opposite effect or if you talk to someone who’s not really there, you might need help, but it’s been shown that talking to yourself in a positive manner can not only cheer you up but help you perform an upcoming task more efficiently.

From wiretapping phones, to other mass surveillance programs, here are ways the government is watching us,

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5. Robotic Catfish
Instead of putting their cameras on animals, more recent gadgets actually disguise their gadgets as animals, in order to avoid detection. Meet Charlie. This unbelievable catfish seems stranger than fiction but was actually dreamt up by the CIA in 1970’s. This is what’s known as a UUV or unmanned underwater vehicle. It has more spy equipment than any catfish you’ve met in your life. It contains not only cameras but pressure hulls, ballistic, communications and even a propulsion system in the tail. You better hope this member of the CIA doesn’t swim up to your party boat any time soon.

4. Pentagon Cyborg Beetle
It really sounds like something straight out of horror film. Is there anything worse that being spied on by the government and creepy insects? The government, most likely suspects that you won’t go and investigate this one closely in case it’s real. This is modelled after a rhinoceros beetle and controlled by radio command. With a series of 6 electrodes, this rhino bug comes to life and successful experiments have already been conducted. Until the day comes when there’s more cyborg bugs than real ones, small radio controlled UAVs could be used to find victims in natural disasters or in collapsed buildings.

3. CIA Operation Fails
The government can certainly put their spy tactics in full effect against its own citizens and get away with it. but if you’ve been keeping up with the news recently, you’d know they’ve had some some trouble spying on other countries. The Chinese government managed to imprison more than a dozen CIA agents during a year period and they got totally busted on their widespread hacking operation. A large number of assets were lost and it was certainly an embarrassing situation for the US. This could be the reason why your dad never came home. that’s not all. The US has spied on several french president's, german chancellor merkel by wiretapping her phone. But now that a new president has made it to office, who has some obvious weakness, what will these countries do to get revenge? Who will be the ones watching us?

2.Cat Spies
Cat spies, they could be lurking around the corner of a building they could be peering through buildings, gathering information for the government as we speak.Someone in the cia meeting room during the 1960’s thought that cats could make great spies, and then some people actually agreed.Let’s fund that project with 10 million dollars. They spent 5 years trying to properly train the cat for proper espionage tactic. He was equipped with surgically implanted listening equipment, a battery, and a tail based antenna.The Cia claims that these cat spies don’t still exist and they gave up on the projects. But who knows if they kept researching and were able to succeed in this project. What if they’re genetically engineering cat hybrid aliens to spy on the human race. Being a cat would make the perfect cover for a mass surveillance program.

1.Air Marshals
You can’t even get in a plane sometimes without the government watching you. Federal Air marshals are constantly flying on a plane often sleep deprived, armed with are keeping their eye on you and you better not even think about bringing a nail clipper on board. It’s these guys jobs to go incognito in the plane, while your going to your next vacay destination. It’s almost like the whole process of flying now must be closely monitored for our safety. But here’s the guy carrying the. Ready to use lethal force when absolutely necessary. Many have admitted to using sleeping medication to help them sleep on the plane and other refreshments served. Who knows if there even is a threat while they’re not sleeping.

You WON'T BELIEVE the strange and bizarre lawsuits we have found !

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5. Prison Pimp

Would you blame a glove for your actions if you were wearing it and you punched somebody? How about if you elbowed someone and you were wearing a long-sleeve shirt; would you blame the shirt? I didn’t think so. Meet Sirgiorgiro Clardy, a man from Portland who sued Nike for not giving “an adequate warning or instruction” with the pair of Air Jordans he was wearing when he stomped a teenager who wouldn’t pay one of his, uh, employees, until his ears bled. Clardy ended up suing the footwear company for $100 million, saying they failed, THEY FAILED, to warn their customers of “potentially dangerous Nike and Jordan merchandise.” Are you kidding me? Is this guy straight out the barn or what? In the end, the suit was dismissed. Animal!

4. Another Lohan Problem

Well, I think you know who was involved in this lawsuit, or at least one of the parties. Lindsay Lohan, the red-headed, obnoxious, child-star decided she was going to sue E-Trade back in 2010 due to a Super Bowl ad she took a disliking to. The ad featured a baby by the name of “Lindsay,” who admitted she was a “milkaholic.” Lohan jumped at the chance to cry defamation, claiming the baby with her name that was some kind of “-aholic” had to be alluding to her own issues. She claimed that the commercial used her “likeness, characterization, name, and personality,” as you can see here, without her permission, which she said violated her rights. The sad thing is, E-Trade decided to settle for $100 million with Ms. Lohan, just to get rid of the pesky little fly. Just goes to show, idiocy is everywhere, but we kind of already knew about this one. Sorry, Lindsay!

3. Boozin’ and Losin’

Have you ever seen a commercial for a product and thought if you got whatever was being sold, your life would be just like those using it on your tv screen? Maybe? Well, for Richard Overton, life didn’t turn out how he expected when he drank his Bud Light. He tried to hold Anheuser-Busch responsible for the drink not taking him to a fantasyland as depicted in their commercials. Come on man, really? He sued for $10,000 because he didn’t wind up on a scenic tropical beach with good-looking men and women having all kinds of fun. How ridiculous can you… The case was dismissed, but Overton went on and claimed that Anheuser-Busch’s use of a dog in their commercials is wrong because it draws children to booze. Give it a rest, dude. You lost. Shut up already. Richard Overton: a man nobody should emulate, like ever, the end.

2. Bankin’ on a Payday

This is one of those cases where you just wonder what in the world somebody is thinking, or if they’re thinking, or if they even can think. In 2012, a man named Todd Kirkpatrick filed a lawsuit after he was shot twice by a deputy while he was in the middle of, drumroll please, robbing a bank! He believed that he was wronged and claimed he was “obviously unarmed and severely shot up.” He says the bill from his injuries had climbed to $300,000 and believed he shouldn’t have to be the one to pay for it as he didn’t do the shooting. His case was dismissed, and Deputy Dan Scott was honored with the 2012 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award. How this guy thought he was going to win, we don’t know, but we think it’s fantastic that the guy who shot him was rewarded for his excellent work.

1. Jackass

Alright, who here is familiar with the MTV show Jackass? For those of you who don’t know: Jackass is a show where a bunch of guys do stunts, pranks, hurt themselves, and generally act like idiots all for a laugh. Well, before the tv show, do you know what jackass meant? No, not donkey you sillies! It was a man’s name! Robert Craft, a man who wanted to raise awareness about drunk driving, changed his name to Jack Ass in 1997, and he wasn’t happy when the show, by the same name, came out in 2003. He sued Viacom for $10 million—seriously. No jokes here—citing copyright infringement, defamation, and plagiarism. Ultimately, the case got dismissed, and that was that.

From flying fish soup to secret beer vending machines, here are 18 weird things sold at vending machines.

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6. Puppies?
This next one is NOT meant to be eaten unlike most things your find at vending machines. It still might be a little too hard to resist if you came across some puppies at a vending machine found in Toyko. If you can buy crabs at a vending machine, why not a puppy? Each dog is about 10,000 yen and they have a person behind the machine to help take care of the them and clean the cages. You might feel slightly bad for the dog and feel the urge to buy one!

5. Canned Bread
The selection of vending machines in Japan can get a little crazy! There’s apparently 1 vending machine for every 23 people in this country! Flavors of this bread include strawberry, chocolate chip, coffee, green tea and fruit. Each canned bread costs you about 340 yen or roughly 4 bucks. You’d have to be slightly curious if you came across one of these machines and never tried canned bread. Don’t judge until you try it! It might not look or sound too appetizing but it’s fairly popular in Japan.

4. Manicure Machine
This one might be a little more popular with the ladies than some of the others we’ve mentioned on the list. This machine prints out any available design onto your nails in a matter of two minutes! You’d have about 5000 patterns you can choose from including little photos of celebrities, or just standard French manicures. The idea is catching on and it’s only a matter of time until we find these in at a metro station in Japan somewhere.

3. Flying Fish Soup
These fish can fly over 50 meters. This marine animal evolved in order to escape the predators of the sea by outsmarting and maneuvering them. However, they aren’t able to escape the human type. The Japanese like to to make them into a type of sushi called tobiko. But they’re also made into soup and sold at vending machines here. For 650 yen you can get yourself a jar with a grilled flying fish inside! It also contains a type of algae for a little extra flavor. This is typically a key ingredients for a slow cooked soup so it’s not necessarily ready to eat upon purchase.

2. The Burrito Machine
Do you love mexican food but just can’t quite seem to take the time to go and find a restaurant? This machine here serves you up a fresh burrito in under 60 seconds! There are a few varieties including chicken, steak, and vegan veggie burritos. You can also choose if you want guac or sour cream on the side,. The burrito box seemingly has everything you could ask for.

1. Condoms and Pokemon Figurines
Do you got a monster in your pocket and need a little protection, just in case? This photo here shows premium ribbed condoms being sold right next to some pokemon figurines. Seems like the one stop machine for all you need. Having a good night with your girlfriend seems to be impossible without the two.

From ships purposely sunk to create coral reefs, to shipwrecks of Spanish galleons, here are abandoned ships in the Caribbean

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5. Abandoned Ship Turks Caicos
The corals reefs are evidence that things which are beautiful, can also be deadly. Some estimate that the Turks and Caicos are home to over 1000 shipwrecks including this cargo ship known as the mega one triton. This is a recently wrecked ship that washed up ashore after hurricane sandy and has been rusting away ever since. Many consider it to be an eye sore and a possible hazard to beach goers, while others would argue that it’s kind of cool and want to stay. This is also found not too far away from the Governors residence in waterloo so it’s likely it’ll be removed one day. The beach here doesn’t get overly crowded and seems like a nice island getaway. The ship is mostly above water so you have to imagine it would be a good place for crabs or birds to take shelter. Maybe even pirates? Who knows.

4.Spanish Galleon shipwreck
Found near the Dominican, this is the type of discovery archeologists dream of! About 4000 feet deep lies two shipwreck complete with cannons, musket balls as well as large amounts of wine and gin to go a long. Oh yeah and don’t forget about the quicksilver that helped spain mine for gold. Due to the depth, the ship has for the most part been completed. The wreck was discovered during an oil and gas survey, looking for the next place to build a oil rig. Most of the wood was eroded but the copper frame was still in tact, as well as the kitchen. What exactly was the ship’s origins? Some claim it might have came from pirates from Texas around time of the Texas Revolution or Mexican American War. The research will act as a time capsule from the past and give us a better understanding of the daily lives of whoever manned this boat.

3. SS Antilla
The title for the largest shipwreck in the caribbean is the MS Antilla, which is found in Aruba. Once used as a german freighter ship, the crew had decided to set it ablazed to prevent the allies from seizing the goods in 1939. Their route home back to Germany was blocked by the US British at French and the dutch were sent to seize the vessel. All detainees however, were taken on a banana boat to jamaica. Today it serves as a huge scuba diving hotspot and even serves as a hawksbill turtle sanctuary. The ship went on to take more damage from a hurricane in 1953 causing it to break apart. Many feel as though the ship is no longer to safely be
explored. Would you take the chance of scuba diving in a possibly dangerous shipwreck?

2. Northern Light Shipwreck
Also known as the Elbow Wreck, this ship once travelled from the Great Lakes and through the mississippi river before making its final resting place in key largo florida. It was even one of the first american steam hull ships built in the late 1890’s. The large ship was about to transformed into a formidable traveller of the 7 seas in the 1900’s but the owner changed his mind. During the economic hardships of the Great Depression, they decided to set the ship ablaze and collect insurance money. However this idea would turn out to be a failure and the insurance company never paid the scammer. Today, experienced scuba divers plunge about 150 to 190 feet underwater to take a look at the broken ships. Many claim this is one of the best scuba diving spots in the Florida keys for tourists to take advantage of, but of course, it might still be dangerous.

1.Spiegel Grove Wreck
The key largo community set to sink another ship, this time it was the spiegel grove, a US Navy Landing Ship Dock. This was a 510 retired ship that could be used to create an artificial ecosystem for coral and fish. It was formerly apart of the mothball fleet which were a bunch of abandoned naval ships that were being kept as surplus. The ship was relocated and during this process, it sank during a storm. Luckily, no one was injured, and it still sank in a good spot. Many scientists and biologists are excited to see the results of this potential habitat and scuba divers are lining up to drop in. There's even an american flag still attached to the top like you see in this photo.

From places where strange experiments are going on, to some suspicious places censored on google maps, here are places your not supposed to know about.

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5. Gruinard Island
Located Northwestern Scotland this oval shaped island is only about a mile long and half mile wide. But it’s been home to some mysterious incidents in the past. It was once full of trees but it is now completely treeless. In 1942, British military scientists chose this island as a testing site for biological weapons during the 2nd World War. In order to test Anthrax as a weapon of mass destruction, it was bombarded with several anthrax bombs, using sheep as their test dummies. To no one’s surprise, all the sheep died. In 1945, the man who owned the island, wanted his land back but the British Ministry of Supply claimed that the island was now unfit for human habitation. People began complaining about dead bodies of animals washing up on Scottish beaches well after the testing and the supposed clean up. This makes you wonder how infected the island is to this day. The site also looks pretty strange on google maps if you take a close look at it

4. Covert Hacker Bases
Since the coup of Guatemala, the cia has set up bases to start some drama!In case you guys all the way in Europe were safe from the Feds, you better think again! Recent Wikileaks files have revealed there’s a covert hacking base all the way in Frankfurt, Germany! The hacking base is disguised as a US consulate, but inside, it’s nothing but a bunch of CIA spooks spying on people! The agents working here are given black diplomatic passports and operate under the cover as ambassadors. This allows them to breeze right past German security at airports basically with these false ID’s. They’re also giving agents special instructions on how to get past secondary screens under false identities and not blowing their CIA cover. Editor of Wikileaks Julian Assange, states that the US is operating espionage missions and even kidnappings on people in EU states including places like Italy and Sweden. US undercover agents have been sniffed out during failed espionage attempts in China, France and Germany as well And this is really only the tip of the iceberg. So watch out!

3. Witness Protection City
You better believe that the government doesn’t want you to find out where they’re keeping all their informants who have tried to move on and start a new life. But their not going to always keep them in the most accessible places. You can see how land was broken up in a bizarre fashion in the northwest pacific and if you take a look at a place known as point roberts, south of vancouver you can get an idea. If for some reason you had to this isolated little peninsula, you would have to go through border patrol in Canada, and then once again for the US. So safe to say it’s pretty secure and it turns out to be a great place for our government to set up witness protection programs. On google earth you can explore so many places, but mysteriously, this little US exclave is a no go zone! The witness protection program was set up in order to provide protection to people who have come forward or testified about illegal activities and would be a target from dangerous criminals after the trial was over. It hasn’t been 100 percent confirmed yet but it looks like this could be it.

2. Roses SPain Radar Base
This is the case for a piece of land in Roses, Spain that once looked like someone just spilled black ink all over your electronic device that you’re using! It is supposedly an aerial military radar base but no one can really be too sure now, can they?In one of our previous videos, we showed you how this place was blotted out from google maps but it appears as though they finally filled in the blank space with this image! Seems convincing right? You can clearly tell that those two photos were never taken at the same time. Someone seriously cut and pasted here. The radar station would be at the top of the mountain which makes sense but it’s hard to say for sure. Could they have digitally created an image and replaced it with these seemingly normal looking buildings. Who knows..

Nuclear Polygon
Located in northeast Kazakhstan, it’s also known as the nuclear polygon and it was the primary venue for soviet weapons testing during the cold war. Nearly 456 nuclears tests were conducted in the small area, making it highly contaminated. The testing continued until 1991 and the truth about the high amount of radiation here was hidden from the public for decades. Nearly 700,000 people live in it’s surrounding areas and it’s believed that more than ⅓ suffer from health and birth defects caused from radiation. Much of the waste from all the testing has not been properly disposed of, making some people worry that plutonium could be laying around here and end up in the wrong hands. This is also home to .

From projectiles fired with electromagnetic energy to the fastest roller coasters in the world, here are the Fastest Moving Objects

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5. F-15 Eagle
This premier fighting aircraft from the USA has been in service for about 30 years now and still undefeated in the skies! Being able to reach a speed of 1,650 miles per hour, this thing is going to make it to it’s target in a hurry The majority of the confirmed kills have come from the Israeli Air Force who have mastered this powerful, fast fighter jet. These are often deployed by the US National Guard when they detect a threat on home soil. The air force uses the more updated version of the F-15 and have roughly 500 on active duty. The fighters have only been exported to the USA’s most trusted allies due to their destructive capabilities. The 20 mm cannons have room for 940 rounds of ammunition These are also equipped with electronic warfare equipment such as infrared search and track systems. With the upgrades and its effectiveness, it’s hard to see these to not be in service until at least the year 2025. Many varieties exist of the F-15 depending the main objective and where it’s being manufactured.

4. The Chinese Super Submarines
If they can create the fastest train in the world why not the fastest submarine? While were on subject of the China, researchers in this country have claimed to have created a submarine which can travel at extremely fast speeds of 3000 miles per hour. That means it could cross the pacific in just under 2 hours. Apparently it works by using what's known as supercaptivation which was first developed by the soviets in the 1960’s. Now, the Chinese claimed to have perfected the technology if it’s got some missiles on board, those could also do some damage in hurry. The United States denies any possibility of this ever being able to happen, and you’d have to image someone feeling a little bit of motion sickness afterwards. Norman Friedman, an expert at the US Naval Institute claims that the chinese are completely ludicrous beyond words. But there certainly seems like we’d have a lot more to lose if we were wrong. Do you guys think these submarines could actually exist, let us know in the comment section and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video.

3. The Railgun
Can you imagine being the enemy of a military that uses one of these things!? The United States Navy is developing what’s known as a “railgun” that can actually fire projectiles faster that 8 times the speed of sound or about 5000 miles an hour. This is the photo of one of these bad boys being being tested out! This is officially called the Megajoule Electromagnetic railgun and it’s quite capable of pure destruction. This thing doesn’t even need gunpowder. It uses electricity and electromagnetic power to fire projectiles that might even be able to go into space. This is capable of generating so much force that it’s possible it can injure the people who operate it as well, so careful testing is needed.

2. UFO’s
This fast moving unidentified flying objects are no joke folks, if you travel to many parts of the world, many people are willing to give you a detailed description of their encounters. Many credible sources such as astronauts and air force officials have come forward about the truth. We don’t always know what’s flying around in our skies, but their highly maneuverable aircraft is far superior to ours, considering we can’t travel with another galaxy during our lifetime. Some engineers estimated that from some footage that these objects are moving anywhere from 6000 to 20000 miles per hour while in earths atmosphere. It’s hard to tell exactly what kind of engine they got under the hood but we imagine it’s something fancy. We imagine with no gravity, these saucers could easily move at high speeds during intergalactic travel.

As far as we know, the Helios 1 is the fastest moving man made object in the universe. Of course there could be other spacecraft out there that we don’t know about, but this thing was pretty dang fast. The Helios 1 was launched into outer space in order to study the solar system and the sun’s elliptical orbit. During the journey the probe managed to reach speeds of 142,000 miles per hour and was able to orbit around the sun for a long period of time. It continued to safely send back data without melting from 1974 to 1982. Scientists were able to learn more about the reason for solar winds, and cosmic rays in our solar system. It was also able to collect data from comets that were passing by. Was it possibly able to harness some type of power from the sun to be able to travel this fast? The solar panels connected to this spacecraft helped power it and it was able to get closer to the sun than the planet mercury

From some crazy copyright lawsuits to some complicated beauty enhancement technology, here are 10 things the film industry doesn’t want you to know.

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3. Everyone is Altered
You really think movie stars look all that great with no makeup on or without going under the knife? Probably not. Sure it’s normal to wear makeup, but what else do they do? Skilled digital artists use highly specialized software which allows them to enhance certain features. You might have noticed it a couple times with Angelina Jolie. This is known as beauty work and it done during post production, enhancing not only the face but also that body. Many claim this has negatively impacted beauty standards of modern society. Every pore follicle, every wrinkle, any imperfection just digitally removed creating almost digital actors of flawlessness. The media creating unrealistic portrayals of beauty, many people will feel more self conscious about minor imperfections. The practice was for a while was only reserved for Brad pitt or tom cruise type stars but with technology constantly advancing, everyone could be a hologram! For example, toms face might not be perfectly symmetrical as you can see in this photo. But with some adjustments, he’d look as good as new. Some claim that movies from the 1930’s to 1960’s are the most the real of the films that were made and actually feature real human interaction. Movies that have been re released with digital enhancement and many have felt like they were ruining the originals

2. Fake Reviews
Have you ever heard rave reviews about certain movies but then when you finally go to watch them, you think they were a bunch of garbage? Well that’s possibly because they were given fake reviews. Many of the movie trailers will show reviews saying things like, “stunning”, mesmerizing, breathtaking. The truth is though, it costs a lot to actually market the videos, so they just don’t really give a darn if they’re lying. You think they’re going to show reviews during a movie trailer? Definitely not! Critics are often suckered into reviewing movies with plenty of free perks that come along with it, if you know what we mean. In other cases, movie studios have played footage of what looks like your ordinary auditorium full of movie goers. But the truth is, they were all employees of that movie theater and using the footage for promotional purposes. Many of the movie reviews are simply just fake news. Users on reddit have claimed that their day at work often consisted of making fake accounts to sites like IMDB or rotten tomatoes and publishing biased reviews.

It’s clear many hollywood actors have no respect for the law and many box office hits have been accused of plagiarizing. Shia LaBeouf has even been accused of plagiarizing a script for one of his short films and went on to apologize for his actions. During the Cannes Film festival in France, Shia’s film howardcantour.com was praised until it went online in 2011. The original creator came out and pointed out all the similarities. But this isn’t the only case by any means. There have been a few cases of Russian films being plagiarized from such as Avatar and the Martian. They think that just because they’re across the world that they won’t notice. The film the Hunger Games is accused of copying from a version of Battle Royale from Japan. The film the Matrix was also accused by people who claimed they had sent their script into the studio for review. But without the powerful lawyers they needed, the case became rather complicated and it was only settled for a relatively small amount. It’s hard to imagine that all of these movies were completely original despite the conclusions for the court cases.

You WON'T BELIEVE The photos we found for you !
Many mysteries might have simple answers but you have to figure out what those are.

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There’s many different breeds of dogs out there but have you ever heard of the Moose Dog! Their antlers can grow 3 feet long.They’re known to be quite loyal and can often be spotted in peoples backyards. At first glance, it would certainly seem as though this horned dog was on the loose

9. What the…
Okay, we don’t know what the heck is going on here but it certainly is strange and awkward enough to make our list! It almost seems horrific enough to be some type of punishment but is actually some type of modern art, we hope at least. We think he turned out okay. Hopefully he knew what he was doing.

8. Bubble Pop
Talk about bursting someone's bubble! How much skill does it take to capture a photo at the exact moment of a bubble being busted? Trying to recreate this photo at the right moment would be difficult. This perfectly timed photo took much precision and you can see only half of the bubble is still in tact, while the other half you can tell is clearly busted.

7. What the?
Someone was apparently having a wedding when this interpretive dance session broke out of nowhere. You have to wonder how the heck the woman in white is able to balance on her back like that without them toppling over. It’s hard to tell where the bride ends and where the bridesmaid starts

6. Ping Pong Pirate
Arrrrg matey! It looks like this ping pong pirate lost his eye during an intense game of ping pong. His coach might have told him that keeping his eye on the ball was important.. But not like this! It almost looks as if he’s caught the ball with his eye socket! That takes some skill and dedication. Let’s see you try to do that!

5. Growing Up Too Fast
This kid is just about to graduate from kindergarten and his dad couldn’t be more proud with this accomplishment. From the looks of this photo, it seems as though he could have a career as a left handed pitcher in the future.

4. Who’s Head?
This one has been around the web for a while but it’s certainly one of the most mysterious that doesn’t seem easy to figure out. It almost looks as though the other person's head has disappeared and fused with the other one. Where is this other person’s head and who’s holding on to who! We’re they just involved in some type of teleportation experiment or what’s the deal. Someone explain this photo in the comment section and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video.

3. Two Faced
If you’ve heard of the man Edward Mordrake than you’ve heard of the legendary person who claimed to litterally had two faces. High schooler teenagers also get a bad reputation for being but nothing like this girl! Tell her any of your secrets and you’ll be done for. Don’t be fooled though, it’s just one face… Or is it?

2. Too much to Drink?
It appears as though this woman hs decided to take a nap along a walkway near a fairly large fountain. Could she have possible had too much to drink and this was captured in mid stream. Whatever the case maybe, if she would trying to fool us, we’re sure it was interesting to see her pose for this photo from another angle.

What’s she Grabbing?
The girls are getting a little bit hyped up during a wedding or something and gets up on the table! This one gets a little confusing when you take a look at what the woman in the white is grabbing onto? She’s probably saying something like,”this is why we can’t have nice things!” It’s a little bit dark but hard to know for sure. Does she just have really stretchy skin or is there something behind here that she’s keeping from falling over? See all the problems that happen when you start being enthusiastic

From their mysterious orginsvin the past to what their planning in the future here are 11 things you should know about the templars.

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4 Into the New World
As we mentioned before, the order of Christ was the name they used post expulsion from Europe. The templars sought to control more land and evade hostile territory. In order to do that, they needed to explore the world a little bit better. If we take a look at some very notable portuguese explorers, we’ll notice they were apart of the Order of Christ. This includes names such as Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Bartholomew Dias and so on. Some claim that Christopher Columbus was actually a spy from the spanish and stole documents from the templars which revealed their idea sailing to America. Henry the Navigator, who was also the grand master of the group, explored the coast of africa as well as India during his voyages. They certainly had ships far ahead of their time. Templar crosses were prominently displayed on sails of these massive ships exploring the seven seas. The portuguese would set up colonies in brazil and Africa and become an empire and an economic in the process. Ferdinand magellan became the first person to circumnavigate the world and great accomplishments were made. They also tended to use some tactics which were seen in the crusades, strangely enough. As you sift through members of the order, you’ll notice a lot were famous explorers.

3. The Occult
King Philip of France probably had a good reason to be a little afraid of the Templars because they actually worshipping an idol known as Baphomet who looks pretty creepy, or at least thats what he claims. Sometimes it’s said to have a head of a cat, sometimes a goat but typically with a human body wings and horns. While some will argue that King Philip made all this up because he wanted the templars out, it does appear as though it resembles some modern day cult symbolism or even on heavy metal rock albums. The templars didn’t necessarily worship it but revered it as something they had in their ceremonies after time in the crusades. Reoccuring ancient themes especially from the middle east have been apart of their symbolism as well as for other secret societies. Are they referring to some secret ancient mysterious knowledge.

2. Skull and Crossbones
The skull and bones symbol is often associated with pirates and for the afterlife, but it was also used by the templars to identify boats from their vast fleet during medieval times. We also shouldn’t be quick to forget about the secret society at yale known as the skull and bones society.This secret society began in 1832 with General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft as the founder. The members of the society are commonly referred to as bonesmen and their main facility is referred to as the tomb. Similar to the underground meetings of the medieval templars, everything here is done in dark setting under secrecy. Some would argue this is a sect of the knights templar who are set on world domination. Could the templars still be calling the shots and setting up shadow governments across the world? With their vast amount of fortune they’ve amassed throughout the ages, could they be using this wealth for corruption?

1.Where Else Are They
It’s rather clear that the Knights were able to spread and escape from France and acquire power in other places around the world, could they still be operating in secrecy. It’s still theorized that the templars made it to Switzerland and set up the region with prominent banks. Possibly the templars descendants or current members are still operating in full effect there. They could have become our presidents, a big CEO and the head of the CIA, who knows. One group out there known as the bilderberg group has an annual conference in the Netherlands with only the most powerful people from around the world get invited to. The chairmen are extremely wealthy Europeans from the Netherlands, UK, France, and Belgium often carrying a title such as Baron, count or prince. People invited might be the president of France or other big politicians. Many have criticized the exact reason why they’re all meeting up but world dominance is often speculated. Castro claimed that bilderberg is nothing less than sinister group that tries to manipulate the public, but he’s just a communist. Journalists have been known to be be detained trying to find out about it and we may never live to find out what goes on during their meetings. It’s invite only and american eye is still waiting for his invitation. Could these be the modern templars in disguise?

From painting nails to becoming a human bridge, here are 21 photos of people clearly in the friend zone

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10. The Friendship Bridge
She’s just walking all over this guy because he’s such a good friend. Her friends made it over the little stream, why can’t she make it? They at least seemed nice enough to take their shoes off at least. Luckily a friend can turn into a portable bridge when needed which can move itself.

9. Too Much Baggage
Sure he might have travelled all the way to amsterdam to meet this girl but it would come with some baggage. Carring all that around must have really put a weight on her fragile shoulders and if she’s going to consider him to be boyfriend material, he’s go to prove that he’s strong.

8. Not Gonna Be Easy
This person acts as though just one simple text, might change her mind from releasing him from the friend zone, but she’s going to make it as complicated as possible. This girl in the text message is playing stupid that she doesn’t know what he’s referring too. But she totally knows. Let’s be super mega best friends! If someone ever tells you that, run away and don’t come back. Only super mega best friends get to hear about all the guys she sleeps with., which won’t be you, anytime soon.

7. Wheelbarrow Workhouse
Either he swept her off her feet or this is a high level case of friendzoning. If you’re a good looking girl and you don’t have a car, it seems like you’ll find a way home one way or another. The wheelbarrow seemed to be the most comfortable way to go in this case. Either that’s what’s happening or someone just got too drunk and couldn’t walk.

6. Eating at the Friend zone
Have you ever wanted to go out with a friend but didn’t want to give them the idea that it might be a date or something. Might as well take him to the friendzone restaurant. It’s kind of like a zone where friends can meet up safely and no one’s kindness can be mistaken for true love. Guys typically try to avoid coming here as much as possible but sometimes it seems like they have no choice!

5. Braiding Time
Pep rallies are so boring unless your bestie is sitting by your side! This guy here is braiding some girls hair which really seems like a talent only mega best friends would possess! By his style, we wouldn’t presume that he was born with that kind of skill but possibly trained to do it. This is a level of friend zone we haven’t quite experienced before in the past and he has ventured to depths of the friend zone that were previously thought to be unreachable. Will someone let him know that she’s just not that into him please!

4. Further Venturing
You probably remember the time you found out you were in the friend zone with the girl you liked, but by the looks of it this guy could have found out in a pretty harsh manner. This girl might have been at a party and asked this guy in a flirty manner to put her up on his shoulders for a minute. He could have willingly complied but we hope he didn’t know it was for the sole purpose of making her taller while she’s kissing another guy. Once again, using men as stools is not approved of. By the look on his face, this may have been the limit.

3. Best Frand
Here’s another social media post of a guy you might mistake for as her boyfriend, until she calls him her best fraaaand. Keep in might, that they might change the spelling of the word friend but don’t be fooled. He goes on to express his feeling but continues to friendzone him and goes as far as saying she loves but him as a friend. The clarifies it again with her last message making it clear it’s not going to go any further.

2. The Photo Prop
There are some photos online where you really hope it’s someones brother or sister pulling these kind of stunts, but later on you realize, they’ve just entered the friend zone. It’s kind of like the twilight zone but only scarier. From the looks of it, this guy might have a better chance of climbing over barbed wire fences, and crawling through landmines in North Korea and making it out alive, than making it out of the friend zone. Not only is the photo completely ridiculous, she seemingly is showing off her power over men, in some type of staged photoshoot. Will someone put an end to this! The human race may be at risk!

1. Tides have Changed
For some guys out there, like jared leto they might have plenty of girls chasing him, who are hoping to get out of the “friends with benefits” zone and into a serious relationship. They think they might be able to tie one man down for the rest of his life, even though he seems to be happy with just casual dating. Scarlett johansson was spotting giving him a big kiss one night, but maybe it wasn’t quite as passionate as she thought. He might have his next boo on speed dial and is just trying to finish up this date to go see her. This is typically the kind of guy, the girl is with who puts people in the friend zone to begin with.

From causing a whole massive lake to dry up to buildings toppling over, here are unbelievable expensive engineering mistakes

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5. Shanghai Lotus Riverside Complex
In 2009, The Lotus Riverside Apartment complex collapsed in a dramatic fashion and toppled over almost completely intact. This brings a lot of concern with the safety standards in China and how their rush to modernize so quickly might result in catastrophes like this one. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither should these apartment complex building. You can only imagine the horror if people were actually living inside! The building was almost completed but construction workers were told to dig underground garage. The ultimately caused the tower to completely topple over and the soil near the bank of the river to become unstable. The government imposes safety checks on construction sites, but something obviously went wrong here and it cost them the life of one worker. The collapse of many structures in China have been often linked to corruption. It’s safe to say the inhabitants in the nearby buildings must a little weary.

4. Chernobyl
Arguably the worst nuclear disaster of all time took place in the near the Soviet town of Pripyat and the land here will never be the same. This was classified as a class 7 nuclear disaster and no one saw this coming until it was too late. This image here shows the explosion that happened at the Chernobyl power plant, on April 26, 1986 on day that would forever change history. Even after 30 years goes by, this place still extremely radioactive. Dust of the explosion sent harmful particles all over europe, with chernobyl being the epicenter. This image here shows the eerily abandoned control panel of reactor number 4 and it looks completely consumed by dust.The it’s cost over 250 billion dollars to clean up and much valuable land would become the victim. Certainly a costly miscalculation on someone's part.

3. The Ford Pinto
The pintos will forever go down in history as being one of the most costly and unsafe engineering blunders. It was mass produced and people were lining up to buy this cheap alternative to othe r cars at the time. The pinto was designed with a vulnerable gas tank near the rear bumper. Something such as a fender bender had the ability to ignite the fuel that was being leaked out. Any type of sparks that were made from the impact, resulted in huge flames. Further collision tests were done which show how frightently flammable it was. The final recall called for 1.5 million vehicles Pinto’s reputation was too damaged to ever make any kind of comeback

2. Abay Dam
If you build something on your territory that could negatively affect surrounding countries, should they still have the right to do it? This dam is Ethiopia has created tension with neighbors such as Egypt and Sudan over rights to the water of the Nile River. This could turn out to be a huge mistake in the future, considering the nile has always been Egypts main source of water. People from around the world have invested in this project which costs over 4 billion US dollars. Countries like China have heavily invested in Ethiopia’s infrastructure recently and another drought in this country could seriously set them back in to drought and feminine. On the other hand, this hydroelectric dam could make Ethiopian fairly wealthy with agriculture, a surplus of water, and plenty of power. Egypt is expected to be completely out of water in 2025 so we imagine someone here won’t be happy. Any mistake on the dam could have a huge consequences. Media companies like aljazeera have openly mocked this project. Sudan is trying to stay neutral. Sounds like the countries need to get together and have a dam talk.

1. Just a little too Wide
341 trains in france were produced in 2 years and the company SNCF has paid a ridiculous amount of money for. It cost them roughly 68 million dollars to fix the mistake on top of the price already. Some person just wasn't using their rulers correctly and the trains turned out to be too wide to operate on the train tracks! This kind of error should not have happened and we imagine someone had to have lost their job because of this one! They either had to fix the trains or fix the rails and they chose the rails

From strange things our parents told us as children that we still might believe, to things you might be able to correct your teacher about, here are misleading facts you thought were true.

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5. Dropping the Penny
Dropping a penny from the top of the empire state building sounds like a bad idea in any case, but could you potentially seriously injure someone? Of course, we imagine no one would actually want to get struck by a penny travelling at a high speed but it won’t be your end of days. Mythbusters busted this one and the answer is simple. The penny just can’t simply gain enough velocity to inflict bodily harm and the max speed it could reach appeared to only be about 64 miles an hour.

4. Water Rotation
It’s a common misconception that toilet water in the northern hemisphere, toilet water will spin counterclockwise, while water flushed in the southern hemisphere will spin the other way. You might have though this was from the coriolis effect that impacts earth. Well if you actually all the to australia, you would know that this fact is false. Although there’s nothing false about the coriolis effect, it’s only visible in large scales such as hurricanes tornados etc.

3. Bats Are Blind
You might have seen the movie’s batman and wondered what might make bats seem so extraordinary that they should be given their own superhero named after them! You’ve probably also heard the expression “blind as a bat” but wondered how they’re able to navigate their way through caves and dark environments! Bat’s have the ability to use what’s known as echolocation where they can actually sense how close something is. So incomplete darkness, bats emit a clicking noise and use faster clicks when they believe they’ve spotted their prey of choice , and long clicks when they’re just trying to see if anything is out there. It’s like closed your eyes and yelled into an open hallway you might notice the difference from that and yelling into a wall in front of your face, based on how the sound wave reflect off the surface of the wall or some kind of echo in the hallway! You probably don’t want to try this at home or people will think you’re crazy! Bat’s do this on a much more precise level. Sonar on submarines use the same technology to detect other things in the ocean.

2. Tallest Mountain in the World
What’s the tallest mountain in the world? (Pause) Did you answer Mt. Everest? Wrong again! While Mt Everest might be the highest elevation point in the world, the real answer is Mauna Kea in hawaii is really the tallest mountain. While the elevation here is 13,796 above sea level, and mt everest is 29,035 feet above sea level, it’s still not the tallest mountain. The base of mauna kea is another 18000 feet below the sea which technically makes it the tallest from base to summit. It’d be more correct to say that mt everest has the highest peak above sea level, instead of calling it the tallest mountain.

1. 13 Colonies
The 13 Colonies of the United States. You hear it over and over again from your history teacher but did you ever once ask them to actually count or name them all. It’s easy to understand how to get this one mixed up because of the current states that made up the colonies before the revolutionary war began. Delaware was actually never a separate colony and that land that currently makes up this state was basically a county of Pennsylvania and was even a part of Maryland territory. It remained apart of Pennsylvania until the revolutionary began and was considered to be a “lower county”. It wasn’t until 1776 that the government declared Delaware as independent from Philadelphia. So if your teach ever refers to the 13 colonies before 1776, be sure to promptly correct them.

From an alien in the backyard to snakes coming out the toilet, here are unlucky discoveries in people’s homes.

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6. A Massive Sinkhole
Imagine coming home from a long day at work just to discover this massive, sinkhole in your backyard full of quicksand! A sinkhole grew 11 feet in diameter in 24 hours in Brisbane, Australia and it just kept getting wider and wid r. It turns out the house, was built over a mine shaft which had collapsed. The home itself was far away enough from the sinkhole so it wouldn’t be affected by the mess but it certainly seems like a pain in the but! The elderly couple was forced to stay the night at a hotel while the response team tried to figure out a solution. Despite unexpected sinkhole popping up, you could almost imagine it being the perfect place for a swimming pool.

5. Native American Skeleton
While digging around in their backyard, it appears as though a couple in Canada might have disturbed and ancient burial ground. We all know this is how any spooky ghost story starts and this woman might be cursed for the rest of her life. The couple was extremely shocked at what they discovered and had to call in an expert to have them take a closer look. This discovery was made in Point Edward, Ontario. The skeleton found was of a woman, estimated to be about 24 years old at the time she died during the 1600’s. The teeth were in quite good condition as you can see from the photo and considering they didn’t have braces back then. No word on whether or not the house has been infested with poltergeists.

4. Crying Boy Painting Discoveries
Could a piece of art bring people bad luck? This image of a crying young boy was a painting by an Italian artist, Giovanni, Bragolin, that was mass produced in England during the 1950’s. Many families hung them up on their wall without thinking twice. Firefighters in Essex County outside of London, reported that they always found houses that caught on fire, with this painting on the wall completely undamaged each time! The houses were in complete ruins but the crying boy was just fine. The sun newspaper even printed an article, stating the crying boy curse strikes again and you can see this family’s house that burnt down holding on to possible cause.

3. Previous Owner of the House
New homeowners are typically looking for a fresh start, somewhere where they start a family and live the rest of their lives. And maybe even the after life? An urban legend which is possibly true states that a man named Jorge Giro purchased a home on the seaside town of Roses Spain for a great price! As he’s walking around, he stumbles upon a mummy of the previous owner. The home didn’t follow procedure by being inspected before it was sold and this is what happens.

2. A Man in the Attic
Urban Legends exist about people thinking they live by themselves but the entire time, they unknowingly have a visitor at their home. This has actually been reported more than you might want to believe. For example, a man from Japan in 2008, certainly believed he lived by himself, but did he? He began to notice things begin to mysteriously move around in his home and was starting to get pretty spooked out and eventually he set up a hidden camera. He found out it wasn’t his bad memory that was the cause for him misplacing things, it was homeless woman, living in cupboard for an entire year! NBC covered this story and he caught her using his shower while he was at work and stealing food from him. Two Ohio college students, took this photo of an secret door that they never opened and discovered a mystery man living inside. Creepy but true

House of Nightmares
A family bought a house in idaho thinking it would be their dream house but it really almost turned into be something like an evil lair of doom. They were forced to evacuate rather quickly when they found dozens of snakes, hidden within the walls. There was apparently so many of them, the house started to smell like snakes and the homeowners claimed that even the water tasted like snakes, whatever that tastes like. Luckily it the snakes weren’t poisonous or this could have been a bigger problem than before. The family claims to be suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome after clearing out a total of 43 snakes. It’s believed that the house was actually built over a snake hibernation pit where they go during winter