Working hand in hand with partners, UN-Habitat is working on improving public spaces.The importance of utilizing Minecraft rests on its ability to engage community members, especially youth from both genders, in a highly visual and intuitive manner that allows the expression of their needs and opinions. Minecraft is a critical tool for democratizing public space and broader spatial planning processes in a cost-effective and highly interactive manner.

Felix Vollmann focusses his talent on socially and politically relevant filmmaking. He has written, produced and directed films together with communities around the world and worked for several United Nations agencies like UN-Habitat, UNEP, UNESCO and UNODC. He also works with the German Government - together with GIZ and the Civil Peace Service – the last two films Simama and just how long were nominated for the German Human Rights film prize. He established a Film Production Ltd. company VollmannPro that operates between Nairobi and Berlin. You can see more of his works on